Tasty Poetry: Slow Cookin’

Slow Cookin’:
Multitask, task list, American material, fire putter-outer
sad 2,000 calories, sugar filled food pyramid crumble
Stock ticker on the TV screen, sweaty experts with barking points, coin flips
Monkey mind, rat race, battery cage chicken dinner, hungry blind eyes
Fast food, faster, roadrunner vs a bottle rocket

Cleanse, toxins, liver, restoring the whole
Slow Food, Slow Money
Dinner table, cloth of love crumbs, sun sharing
Slow cooker, soaking beans, garden kale, the new gold

Grassfed Beef Liver recipe of meditation
Wooden Chop Sticks, white rice, three grains of focus
Old ranch photo, solace, ghost wind, cloud of debt

Tulips! How much or how beautiful?
Phytonutrients, omega 3s, webs and cycles
Bless this Dandelion flower in my stomach, golden specs, bits of treasure, free and freedom

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