Using the Whole Animal: Buffalo Skull Art

If we are going to take an animal’s life for food, we should honor the sacrifice through using the whole animal. We do this by eating all of the parts of the animal we can, using the hide, fur, bones, and other bits.

I paint buffalo skulls for many reasons. One of them is the idea of using the whole animal.

I bought this particular buffalo skull from a local taxidermist. He buys the buffalo heads from a local buffalo ranch, cleans them up, and sells them. Interesting side note: I have bought and eaten buffalo meat from this ranch before too.

Below are some pictures of my most recent painted buffalo skull, titled Spirit LineThe design is inspired by Native American Diné (Navajo) rug designs. The spirit line on the upper right side of the skull in red. In Navajo weaving, the spirit line is common and represents the pathway for the weaver’s spirit to leave the rug.

photo (27) - Version 2  photo 1 (5)

photo 2 (6)  photo 2 (9)  photo 2 (5)
For more details on Spirit Line click here. Also, check out my new (and still in development) facebook art page, Buffalo Lands Art.

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