A Quick Thought on Superweeds

This National Geographic story certainly does have a lot of good information in it, so its worth a read and provides some different viewpoints on GMOs and ends with a story on organic farming benefits. To add to the story, I thought it was important to add one piece in the GMO arena: SUPERWEEDS.

It is vitally important to note the concern of superweeds caused by GMO crops and the chemicals involved. This is escalating and requires even more chemicals now to deal with superweeds. In a nutshell, the chemicals/technology developed with GMO crops works to kill the weeds on the land where GMO crops are planted. But…there are some species of plants (which we call superweeds) that are immune to this technology, so they run rampant and can overtake the farmland. In response, one action is that the company or farmer would then need to apply yet another dose of chemicals on the farm land to deal with these superweeds.

Here are three stories about superweeds:



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