Poetry: What would Yeshua eat while listening to Goats Head Soup?

Proud midwest Farm Bill mascots
11 from each side take to the field

Cornered farmers tend to their insured lines of fuel and feed
Jaundiced corn and magical drugs poured into the crossbred Angus
Juiceless coat of dust covered hair
Tongues, intestines, and stomachs ride the white caps westward

Floating towards the sea foam of the East

Food pyramid and plate striving for a paradox
Lab coat brains’ creation of homemade gummy bear snacks
What does the seahorse make of all of this?
Monarchs and honeybees exchange stories

Regenerative heart
Star blanket moon, the robin returns, summer moonlight, the real harvest moon
Thomas Jefferson’s 330 veggie varieties in Monticello
Harmonic appetite of a hundred or more species
What would Yeshua eat while listening to Goats Head Soup?