Dry Creek Valley

Deep spry fatty soil
Birthed in this valley’s time between horses
When lands across the seas worked in their New Stone Age
We now harvest peaceful kale and chard

Black-billed magpie (Pica hudsonia)
Jerusalem cricket
Yellow rabbitbrush
Powdery sage

Spotted elk calf’s growing marrow
Insulated by blood and the herd

Ghosts of the tribes
Still ride their new horses here
Painted light yellow and dark red

Sunny golden energy blankets the valley
Seeping out of open hearts
What would the guardian of the foothills speak today?

Night frost melts
Warming drops sit on the grasses
Each have their own big rainbow inside
Amber, bright bug green, violet, shiny red, white

Trail runners, old and new
Feel this air travel their lungs
Seamans Gulch Trail
This land is our friend