Published Poetry

Published Poetry:

King Mackerel Sky

Lono, Zephyrus, and Tlaloc huddle
King mackerel sky welcomed by patch-kneed farmers
Windy lightning
Philanthropic drops nose dive
From where the night stars once lived
Gently navigating the treetops
Connecting heaven and the living soil
Rainmakers dream

Squares of Kentucky bluegrass
We coddle and breastfeed
In our emerald Sahara

Grainy commodity sponges engulf on command
Sinking city barge makes its way to the Mother’s core
This is good policy

Snowpack starts its journey once more
Like Willy the smiling yellow lab
Patient roots become feral again
Pasture-stained jeans, brisket, and flank

Missouri River

Marrowless missiles separate the wind
There goes the western meadowlark
Tenacious flashes of black and yellow

Jowls swindled to taste brave liquid iron

Thin layer of dust covers Sun Tzu’s masterpiece
Just six blocks south of East Boulevard in Bismarck

Missouri river turns red, and blue again
Unity from the northern pike and walleye’s home
Breezes carry water molecules
Replenishing our nucleus again

Pink sunrise
Fine drops fall, become the river again
Sord of mallards continue as they do
Deciduous leaves of birthed orange and rust color the ground
Pink sunset blankets our protectors


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